NFT Weekly Blog: NFT Albums and Music Charts

Another week, another batch of intriguing news from the ever-developing world of non-fungible tokens. 

The team at Stratisphere has watched as this past week has seen NFTs emerge across music, sport, and art, as more and more companies and sectors lean in to the metaverse and NFT buzz. Let’s break down some of this week’s most interesting NFT projects.

Firstly, it was announced that Will of the People, rock band Muse’s ninth studio album set to drop on 26thAugust, will also be released as an NFT edition with Serenade. Will of the People will be the first NFT album release to qualify for the music charts in the UK and Australia, as well as the newest album format to be eligible for the charts since 2015. Buyers will not require an existing NFT wallet to own the album, as a digital wallet will be created to store the NFT upon purchase, although a user’s existing NFT wallet can also be used. This album will be on sale for £20 and will be limited to 1,000 copies. Buyers will receive a downloadable album with a unique sleeve signed by the band members. Although NFTs have been used in the past as an element of album release campaigns, this is the first release of an entire album as an NFT. With this, Cointelegraph reports, it is hoped that a sense of connectivity will be promoted while also demonstrating product scarcity.

Over to the realm of sports, FC Barcelona sold NFT artwork of iconic player Johan Cruyff scoring his famous goal against Atletico Madrid in 1973 for $693,000 at a Sotheby’s auction in New York. The complex piece was designed by 40 computer graphics and visual affects artist and comes with an original soundtrack with arrangements by a 30-oiece orchestra. Ownership of the NFT comes with the exclusive perks of becoming a Barca Digital Ambassador and gaining access to VIP club events. NFTs across sports have introduced a digital element to the culture of collectibles that has long existed amongst die-hard fans, and this NFT is first to emerge from this major club.

It seems as though exciting new use cases of NFTs and the metaverse emerge every month as sectors see the value creation such tokens can offer. As featured recently in Cointelegraph, the teams at Stratis and Stratisphere have collaborated with Polycarbon Blockchain to power metaverse projects featuring NFTs, such as Sky Dream Mall and My XR Gallery, with the latter recently announcing a video version of a cyberpunk sci-fi gallery coming soon. NFTs have proven themselves capable of unlocking new immersive functionalities for users, and we look forward to watching the music, sports, and art industries continue to embrace this. 

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