Weekly NFT Blog: FIFA takes on NFTs

The 2022 World Cup is nearly upon us and, with football’s global governing body FIFA having recently announced that it will launch an NFT platform to mark the run-up to the occasion, it’s only right that this week’s NFT blog considers the implications of introducing digital collectibles to such an iconic sporting event – and to consider how other football teams could do the same.

The NFT platform, FIFA+ Collect, will focus on football-themed NFTs that are “affordable, inclusive, and accessible” when it launches later in September. From iconic match moments to recognisable visuals, the digital collectibles aim to democratise the fan experience of the World Cup by giving the fan base the opportunity to engage with the event on a new digital level. 

Many football teams have already launched their own NFTs. Manchester City released two digital collectibles in September 2021, whereas Liverpool released NFTs of their team and coach in 2022. Paris Saint-Germain has also endeavoured to create its own fan token, $PSG.

Though club-based NFTs are still relatively in their infancy, the early interest from various teams and an organisation such as FIFA indicates the potential of digital collectibles to permeate sports culture. 

Digital collectibles and the exclusive perks that come with them, from event access to votes on pitch anthems, could introduce a community spirit to a fanbase by bringing them closer to the very entity that unites them. If FIFA aims to make these NFTs affordable and accessible, the digital collectibles could appeal to a cross section of fans and boost interest in club-related activities.

Team Stratisphere will certainly be watching FIFA’s NFT venture with interest as the World Cup kicks off in November. 

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