NFT Paris

It’s the end of February, which for many people means one thing — Europe’s largest web3 event, NFT Paris.

Days before fashion week takes over the city, thousands of developers, crypto enthusiasts, collectors, and entrepreneurs come together to explore NFTs in finance, gaming, art, fashion, sport and media.

NFT Paris has grown steadily — this year was the third edition of the event, which hosted 18,000 attendees at the Grand Palais Éphémère, best known as the venue of the Chanel’s 2024 spring/summer fashion show.

This year, cosmetic and lifestyle brand Sephora debuted their metaverse project, while representatives from FC Barcelona took to the stage to participate in the Web3 in Sports: Invisible Tech, Visible Impact panel. The integration of international pop cultural favourites, was an encouraging sign for many attendees and an indication of a quietly growing momentum.

Over the last year, amid NFT downturns and crashes, it’s important to remember that we have seen commercial pick up beyond the web3 space and a growing consensus of the value of NFTs beyond art and PFPs.

NFT Paris confirmed this cause for optimism by highlighting lateral uses of NFTs and hosting forward thinking panels that explore new ways to integrate and leverage NFT facilities.

What was your highlight of NFT Paris?

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