Stratis Mainnet Goes Live!

This week’s NFT update is slightly different, as we would like to use it as an opportunity to talk about our latest launch: the Stratis Mainnet, which went live last week.

Over the last few months, our priority has been developing a highly usable blockchain infrastructure by moving away from our native Stratis chain and adopting Ethereum. 

Following several smart contract audits, the chain went live last week marking the next chapter in Stratis’ mission.

To maximise the utility of the Mainnet, we have integrated a Layer-2 scaling solution, zkSync. This integration should increase the rate of transactions while reducing costs without compromising security. These features are particularly relevant for our growing community of gaming developers, whereby the new infrastructure means gamers playing games built on Stratis can expect almost instant in-game transactions that make play smoother and more enjoyable.

Stratis users can immediately benefit from staking on the Mainnet with plans to introduce liquid staking shortly. The DeFi community will also benefit from several bridges allowing crypto assets to be seamlessly exchanged between the Stratis Mainnet and other prominent blockchains. The team is also investigating potential lending and borrowing use cases as well as building integrations to major Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) serving the Ethereum ecosystem.

Our founder and CEO, Chris Trew, added: ‘“I’m pleased that all projects on Stratis will be transitioning over to the new chain and we can’t wait to build out more DeFi options over the coming months. To support the launch of the new Mainnet the Stratis Foundation has made $1M available as developer and user incentives so we anticipate significant on-chain activity following today’s launch.”

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