Announcing the $1000000 Stratis dApp Incentive Programme

Last week, Stratis announced the launch of its dApp Incentive Programme, offering $1,000,000 of funding designed to empower developers and teams to create and deploy transformative decentralised applications.

The dApp incentive is structured around two key categories, designed to highlight areas of growth and innovation in the blockchain space.

DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

Examples include automated market makers (AMMs), lending platforms, yield farming protocols and stablecoin projects. Stratis is actively searching for projects that can revolutionise finance with decentralisation.

Infrastructure and Tools

Projects in this space include developer tooling, infrastructure and scalability solutions that make blockchain more accessible and efficient. It also comprises Layer 2 solutions, wallets and API services designed to enhance the Stratis EVM ecosystem.

Developers keen to benefit from the programme, simply have to submit their projects via an online application form. All projects that apply will be evaluated by the team at Stratis for prize eligibility.

The evaluation will be based on the following categories:

●  Speed: How fast the project was developed overall.

●  Quality of execution: The quality of the completed work.

●  Innovation: How innovative the project is.

●  Value: The value the project brings to Stratis.

Will you enter? Best of luck to all that do! 

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