NFT Weekly: Music and Sustainability

This blog has covered music-based NFTs several times — from the digitalisation of music to bands including Led Zeppelin and Muse dropping their own NFT collections. Music and NFTs work together because they offer a new way of monetising music and engaging with fans. We are mentioning it again because a recent NFT drop has tried to tie together sustainability, phygital NFTs and music.

DJ and eco-activist Blond:ish has released a new NFT, which links to a physical plastic-free vinyl record called #Plasticfreeparty. Made from a bacteria that mimics plastic, the record will be decomposable and release significantly fewer emissions compared to standard plastic records.

We think there are several reasons this release is well worth watching:

  • The Web3 audience tends to be younger and, therefore, more eco-conscious. There have been many legitimate environmental concerns surrounding NFTs and blockchain technology. At Stratisphere, we have seen several articles fairly criticising some large blockchains for their environmental impact. The first port of call for Web3 should be to address the underlying technology, which causes this (as Stratis’ blockchain does through a proof of authority consensus mechanism that consumes 99% less energy compared with most blockchains). However, another means of appealing to this young eco-conscious audience is directly addressing sustainability, as this NFT drop does.
  • We talked about phygital goods last week — this is the act of tying NFTs to physical goods to enhance the digital offering. While this isn’t as intrinsic of a link as the NFC chips mentioned in the last blog, it is still a means of linking NFTs with real-world objects and increasing their value.
  • Finally, this is a strong example of an NFT that successfully bridges different interest groups. This is more of a marketing point, but the drop should appeal to environmentally conscious consumers and music lovers alike. The news is significant as it will be advertised on Blond:ish’s platforms and the charity Bye Bye Plastic, which should strengthen demand for the product.

Therefore, this NFT drop offers something different, and team Stratisphere will be watching closely.

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