NFT Weekly: Adidas’ ALTS NFT

Those who follow NFTs will have noted that Adidas has been teasing the drop of ALTS. ALTS is the third stage of Adidas’ web3 program, which they describe as an ‘evolving NFT journey’. It is effectively a loyalty program that differentiates itself through highly personalised utilities and experiences. The journey starts with an ALT[er] ego, the first of eight traits that determine your unique identity and which feature an exclusive utility tailored to your interests.

The NFT also involves a storyline that carries users through three chapters, where users build specific combinations of traits. Furthermore, the NFT offers a place in the ALTS ecosystem, offering access to 3D files associated with the ALTS, access to gated chats, select Adidas physical and virtual products, a metaverse experience, partner offerings and other perks.

Adidas’ NFT programme is successful because it has layers that draw users in and give them perks that they want. It offers a community, gaming-like experiences, real-world utility and customisation. The NFTs aren’t just valuable because of the brand they are associated with, they are valuable because they give users an exciting new experience and real-world utility. They carry the owner on a journey, allowing them to engage with the brand in a new way, while also enhancing how theyhave traditionally engaged with the brand. All of these traits combine to create a unique and engaging experience for a wide range of users.

As more brands expand their web3 offerings, Team Stratisphere is looking on with excitement. We recommend that if you want to try a web3 program for your brand you get involved sooner rather than later- and why not try the Stratis blockchain and Stratisphere marketplace?

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