NFT Weekly: I heard on the grapevine…

Wine makers are now selling wine, and exclusive perks through NFTs.

Web3 representations and wine are probably not a pairing that first comes to mind, but we’re witnessing an emerging scene of the beverage being traded on the blockchain.

Wine, being a natural product, is variable. Some harvests are much better than others. These rare bottles become covetable vintages sold for eye watering sums.

Some vintages are so covetable that people counterfeit them and sell them as the real deal. Famously, billionaire Bill Koch spent more than $400,000 on four bottles of wine that he believed were owned by US Founding Father Thomas Jefferson.

This week, winemaker Domaine Achillée will launch a series of NFTs that represent their 2017 real-world counterpart. In total, 235 bottles will be put up for sale as NFTs and no doubt, bought quickly.

Those that buy these NFTs can look forward to enjoying the bottle and total reassurance that what they’re buying is authentic, with an absolute guarantee of their provenance and history.

Wine is often discussed as a vanguard of tradition, but this collaboration highlights how we can enjoy the best of both worlds — the delicacy and craftsmanship of tradition — with the security afforded by blockchain technologies.

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