BREATHE! Convention plans to set the Guinness world record for the largest communal NFT.

This September, emerging tech convention BREATHE! is going to Las Vegas.In true Vegas style, BREATHE! will be big, with organisers announcing plans to try and set a new Guinness world record for the world’s largest communal NFT, the brainchild of artist and web3 enthusiast Aaron Vick.

“As we merge art, technology, and community to create the world’s largest communal NFT, we’re tapping into the collective creativity of the Web3 community,” said Vick.

Web3 achievements are nothing new to the Guinness World Records, with the 2023 edition featuring/creating records for the largest cryptocurrency lesson, the first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender and the most expensive NFT collectable.

To set a new record, BREATHE! attendees will have an opportunity to doodle, draw and otherwise demark an 18 by 30-foot piece of art – creating the largest communal NFT and cementing their participation in web3 history.

The piece will be photographed by Lauren McDonagh-Pereira, before being rendered and minted on the blockchain. The final work will be airdropped amongst convention goers. For many, such a project represents the best and the wider promise of the NFT and web3 world, where collaboration and connectivity are king.

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