NFT Weekly Blog: Digital Collectibles

For this week’s NFT blog, we’re turning to Stratisphere to discuss several exciting new developments that will impact the way that our community engage with, buy, and trade their digital collectables.

Over the next few weeks, Stratisphere will introduce a variety of updates to facilitate how the community purchases and uses Cirrus (CRS) tokens. These new features will enable Stratisphere users to top up CRS and, by extension, buy and trade NFTs with their debit cards. To make the updates yet more accessible, all pricing and royalties will be displayed in fiat currency and their CRS value. Users will also benefit from the familiarity of fiat currency and the immutability of cryptocurrencies on this singular NFT platform.

Updates will further enrich the offerings of Stratisphere as an ambitious and innovative company based on reliable and responsible Stratis blockchain technologies. In addition to these technological updates, Stratisphere also aims to enhance the user experience within the community. Stratisphere is currently collaborating with a top marketing agency to introduce collectors, artists and creators to the platform, generating exciting new content and shining a light on creators in the crypto space. 

Another exciting update is the launch of the CoinVault Beta on the Chrome Web Store. A non-custodial wallet designed to manage funds, NFTs, and further assets on the Stratis and Cirrus blockchains, CoinVault promises to be an accessible and reliable wallet for all users that want to effectively organise their digital assets. We look forward to receiving feedback from the Beta release.

Which creators will be making an appearance on Stratisphere? Stay tuned and follow Stratisphere on Twitter (@StratisphereNFT) to find out.

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