NFT Weekly Blog: Sony & Gaming NFTs

On this week’s NFT blog, we’re taking a look at gaming NFTs following the news that Sony has applied for a patent for a system that uses blockchain technology, specifically non-fungible tokens, to track digital assets within video games.  

This application from Sony, made public in November 2022, noted that the company wants to assign digital items a unique token to act as an identifier. Stratisphere is no stranger to the functionalities of NFTs in the gaming space: through use cases such as our work with My XR World to create a digital NFT gallery and The Astroverse Club to formulate play-to-earn games, we have seen the value that NFTs can provide gamers, both through acting as a statement of ownership and by providing a unique reward system to gameplay. 

Sony, similarly, has worked with NFTs before following its partnership earlier this year with Theta Labs. However, this patent application going public suggests that the entertainment conglomerate is ramping up its transition into the NFT space, which is exciting for those who wish to see unique and immersive gaming experiences take centre stage.  

“Individuals often find it meaningful to own or use unique physical items related to respected celebrities or activities,” Sony noted in its patent description. Although some members of the gaming community have raised doubts about the role of NFTs, this statement has certainly proven true in many use cases. Even some unexpected NFT collaborations, such as the collection dropped by Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins, sold out rapidly (under seven minutes in Hopkins’ case), illustrating the power that NFTs hold in bringing the fanbase closer to the entity at its core. And, of course, are they many sectors that have a more dedicated and collaborative fanbase than gaming? 

At Stratisphere, we’re excited to be at the heart of the NFT landscape as collaborations with gaming platforms continue to make their way into the mainstream.  

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