NFT Weekly Blog: Scottie Pippen, Sports and Sneaker NFTs

Scottie Pippen is a name synonymous with 1990s Basketball and the iconic Chicago Bulls teams of that era. Windows-98 had only just been released when the 6’8 athlete last won a championship, but now over two decades on he is releasing a line of NFTs.

Pippen’s NFTs are called “Scottie Pippen SP33”, named after himself and the number he is most famous for wearing. They are described as metawear sneakers for the future and the range is designed to celebrate Pippen’s playing career. With sneaker culture only growing in prominence, and basketball shoes being some of the most popular, Pippen is hoping to attract some of this interest to NFTs . There is a lot of money to be made in the sneaker industry, with Pippen’s former teammate Michael Jordan reportedly earning more than a billion dollars from his sneaker deal with Nike. If NFT’s are able to claim even a fraction of this industry, their potential is significant.

Pippen joins a large number of athletes who have already invested in NFTs, including superstars like Neymar and Serena Williams. Sports teams have also invested, with football giants like Manchester City, Liverpool and PSG all releasing their own NFTs. These NFT’s often offer additional perks when purchased, for instance the LFC Heroes NFTs also give owners access to the LFC Heroes Club, an online community for fans. The interest from sports teams in NFTs reflect their potential.

Team Stratisphere is eagerly watching to see how Pippen’s, and other sports and sneaker based NFTs, will grow in the future.

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