NFT Weekly: Behind the scenes, the silent giant which could catapult NFTs into an everyday business tool

Salesforce is a giant, but ask your average Joe what they do, chances are they won’t be able to give you an answer. Salesforce provides customer relations management software and sales-focussed applications. If that doesn’t mean much, it’s ok. Put more simply, Salesforce helps businesses to engage with their customers more productively, through providing tools which allow them to process their data, learn more about their audience, and mobilise these insights to engage with them. The important thing is that Salesforce is popular (one of the 100 largest companies in the world by market cap), and the products they provide are used extensively by companies to engage with their customers.

Recently, Salesforce announced that it would expand its offering of web3 services. Particularly salient to this blog is that Salesforce will now support companies in creating, managing and deploying NFTs. In fact, for the last year, it has been running a pilot program, which has overseen 275,000 transactions for several clients like Crown Royal, Mattel and Scotch & Soda. The web3 connect platform will allow a new API integration, which allows brands to more easily manage and create an experience, allowing them to better manage their NFT collections. Businesses can leverage the Salesforce’s platform to view customer insights and how they interact with NFTs.

Salesforce is used by a very large number of businesses. With the platform now making it easier to use and manage NFT collections, businesses should find it easier to engage with web3 audiences. This should facilitate many more brands testing the water with web3 and releasing NFTs. Team Stratisphere is excited by the opportunities this could facilitate and looks forward to the many new NFTs which will soon result from it.

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