From this week, you will be able to mint NFTs using your phone

Phantom, known for their easy-to-use multichain wallet, have begun a new venture — they have created an in-app feature that will enable anyone to mint their own NFTs.

So far, platforms have enabled collectors and enthusiasts to trade, collect and store NFTs. However, there was no accessible, simple way to create them. NFTs are lauded for their decentralised and democratised utility, yet only a handful of people can make them.

Enter Phantom’s ‘Camera Mint’ — a feature of the Phantom mobile wallet which can instantaneously turn photos and videos into Solana NFTs.

For many NFT enthusiasts, the advent of Camera Mint is an exciting sign of the future, one where everyone – crypto-native, or just a keen photographer can enjoy the benefits of storing images on the blockchain.

To mint an NFT using Camera Mint is simple and intuitive. Users upload their image or video and name it before minting on the Solana chain.

Interestingly, the launch of Camera Mint comes against the backdrop of a difficult market. This year, we have seen trading volumes and floor prices for NFTs across the board decline. So, some — especially those onlooking the NFT space may be confused by the creation of a tool that enables people to mint their own NFTs.

However, perhaps Camera Mint speaks to the emerging trend of utility-based NFTs. Camera Mint could be a tool for people every day, from storing photos of cherished memories, to securing important documents, Camera Mint could have a daily utility. Though, of course, for creatives looking to break into the NFT market, Creative Mint will be a great tool in their kit.

At Stratis we will be looking on excitedly to see how people adopt and use Camera Mint.

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