Dawn of Ships has launched!

Earlier this September, we welcomed the official release of the RPG game Dawn of Ships.

This latest version is a significant achievement for the developers, who have worked tirelessly to create an innovative game while bug patching and crowdsourcing feedback as they went.

Via the official discord Dawn of Ships commented: ‘This release includes all the crucial features we promised to deliver to our community. It has been a lengthy journey, and I am delighted that we have delivered on our promises to build a massive 3D P2E game from scratch. I am also proud of all the tools and projects we have contributed to the Stratis Blockchain.”

The Dawn of Ships team aren’t slowing down anytime soon, with plans for game updates already in the works. The team is working towards players being able to burn ships in return for better vessles while improving performance and adding utilities. Plans are even in the works for the Dawn of Ships to release on the Epic Game Store.

Here at Stratis we’re excited to see how the game unfolds!

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