A Score for Sustainability? FC Barcelona Releases NFT Collection to Reduce Plastic Waste.

Plastic pollution is one of the largest contributors to ecological damage, causing harm to more than 700 species of animals. From the most isolated depths of the ocean, the summit of Mount Everest, or in our hands as we hold our £3 meal deal, plastic pollution is everywhere. In one football match alone, more than 8000 kilograms of plastic waste is produced.

It is against this backdrop that FC Barcelona is launching a range of NFTs that will contribute to the reduction and recovery of plastic waste. Director of Sustainability at the football club, Jordi Portabella, wants to enable people ‘to contribute to creating a more sustainable society and help to recover the environment’.

The NFT collection, Unleash Your Passion, consists of 3000 animal-themed collectable digital cards, currently sold for $30 each. The money generated by these cards will fund the removal of more than one million kilograms of plastic — equivalent to 35 million plastic water bottles. So, every time a card is bought, some plastic is recovered from the environment. To date, more than 2,800 kilograms of plastic has been recovered, equating to 313,500 plastic bottles. These digital cards also promise users exclusive content and an automatic entry into a draw to win one of 10 shirts signed by the men’s Barcelona team.

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