2023 in Review

As we come to the end of the year, it becomes clear that 2023 may have been one of the most significant for Stratis yet. We’ve been incredibly busy and achieved a lot, which wouldn’t be possible without the supportive and innovative Stratis community.  

After years of developing the decentralised Stratis platform, we proposed moving to the Ethereum blockchain and developing StratisEVM. We explained the choice and turned it over to our community, who voted, nearly unanimously in favour of the move. It has also been a fantastic year for our developers, with bundles of projects being developed, launched and improved all year round. Dawn of Ships and London Desserts

That’s not all – there are already projects in the pipeline for 2024, including the long-awaited P2E games London Desserts and The Astroverse Space War.

So, with the final NFT Weeklys of 2023, we’ll celebrate our wins. What were your highlights, and what would you like to see covered?

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