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Stratisphere Open Source Unity NFT Wallet Release

The recent launch of the Stratisphere NFT Platform, the first fully decentralized NFT marketplace and large-scale production dApp on the Stratis Platform, has seen hundreds of NFTs be minted and listed for auction or sale. The smooth and clean user experience has been facilitated through Stratis’ employment of authentication and authorization standards when using their Mobile Wallets, available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Actions such as logging in, bidding on an item, and buying a listed item are all effortlessly achieved by scanning a QR Code, with results reflected instantaneously on the Stratisphere Marketplace. Stratis’ Unity SDK has now been leveraged to offer an alternative wallet for interacting with the Stratisphere Marketplace.

Now, in addition to the Mobile Wallets, Stratis is thrilled to announce the first public version of the Stratisphere Wallet, a lightweight open-source NFT wallet developed using the Unity Gaming Engine. The Stratisphere Wallet is now available on Windows and macOS offering a desktop alternative for interacting with Stratis Blockchain dApps in a secure and non-custodial manner. The Stratisphere Wallet is more than just a wallet that facilitates sending of tokens. It offers a direct bridge to the Stratisphere Marketplace, enabling you to deploy and mint NFTs with a few clicks of a button. Additionally, minted NFTs can be instantly listed on the Stratisphere Marketplace from within the Stratisphere Wallet.

The Stratisphere Wallet can be obtained from our GitHub repository release page here:

While the Stratisphere Wallet provides the perfect pairing with the Stratisphere Marketplace, it also serves as a valuable implementation guideline and foundation for other developers to build upon. Stratis opted to completely open-source the codebase to inspire and spark creativity for other Unity developers as they familiarize themselves with Stratis Blockchain Technologies.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Stratisphere Incentivization Programme to be in with a chance of a $300 or $5,000 reward for listing your NFTs on Stratisphere!

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